Automating your Process when Managing Stakeholders

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If you’re managing a team or a process as part of a wider organisation, you likely have a variety of different stakeholders. Stakeholders often have very different needs which need managing. It may be that your stakeholders are only interested in a certain part of your process, or need very specific information reported to them. This guide will show you how you can use automation to manage multiple stakeholders over your business process.

What is automation?

Automation refers to taking manual, often labour intensive tasks, and using the magic of technology to make those tasks quicker, easier, faster and less human resource intensive. 

Tasks involving: 

  • Communication.
  • Liaising with different stakeholders.
  • Gathering, formatting and reporting data.

Can all be streamlined through automation. If these tasks are part of your business process, then read ahead to find out how things can be improved.

How can it help me?

First off, we need to identify where ‘bottlenecks’ are occurring. You may not currently think of these as bottlenecks, as they have been so ingrained in your process, that they seem to be ‘business-as-usual’. It’s important to take an objective view of the process. Ask yourself, the following questions:

  • Which parts of my process are human resource intensive? 
  • Which parts deal with large amounts of data? 
  • What takes a long time? 
  • What tools am I currently using which could perform better?

Once these questions have been answered, we have a good starting point on your journey to automating your business process.

Determining what’s possible and what isn’t

You may have your own ideas at this stage of what can be automated and what can’t. As an industry executive or someone familiar with technology, your intuition will likely be in the right direction. Having said this, it’s useful to consult a technology expert to further clarify what can be achieved. As a technology provider, we would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, which you can submit via the contact form here.

Identify solutions

Once your key areas for improvement have been identified, it’s now time to look into technology solutions that can assist in automating your process. Your organisation may already have a technology provider who offers solutions, or you may choose to look elsewhere for a 3rd party supplier.

Whichever the case, our team would be more than happy to assist you on your journey to finding a solution to automate your process. Click here to submit your request, and one of our team will get back to you.

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