Innovation Portfolio Impact Measurement

Intuitix reduces risks, saves time and produces insight – communicating project impact to relevant stakeholders. To find out more, click below:

Realise more Value from your Portfolio

Reduce Process Upkeep

Intuitix centralises and streamlines the innovation process, reducing time spent on administration with a single version of the truth.

Automate Communication

Intuitix automates stakeholder communication. Suppliers, regulators, government bodies and end-users are always kept up-to date and informed.

Increase Innovation Capacity

Intuitix develops a knowledge-base, offering greater capacity for collaboration, forecasting, and project learning through use over time.

 Measure Your Progress Towards Net-Zero

Intuitix captures the carbon reduction impact of projects – communicating your organization’s progress towards net-zero.

End-to-end Process

Intuitix measures projects impact across their entire life, ensuring the long term innovation benefits are captured, recorded and analysed.

Useful Reads

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Defining an Innovation Metrics Framework

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What is a Stakeholder Management Plan?

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