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Shows a image of a form template used for projects in intuitix

Record data your way, template everything

Data entry fields of any type can be set, with the option of enforcing data structures or keeping it flexible. This ensures project data is recorded correctly, according to your organisation’s reporting framework.

Stay current, update your templates with archives

Template archives allow your team to add new updated reporting templates, whilst retaining the option of previous templates. What’s more, project data across versions stays consistent, meaning previous and new projects continue working perfectly together.
Shows a settings page where users can edit portfolio archives
Shows a file repository within a project on intuitix

Store external files in each template

Always have your important attachments to hand. Documents, pictures and videos can be attached to project templates, making sure everything required for each project is always in the right place.

Automate data collation

Templates have built in tables, that organise and store large amounts of project data. The structure of tables can be defined for each template, meaning the data collected is always formatted correctly.
Shows the use of formulas to save time by applying calculations on templates

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