Save time, centralise your portfolio

Collated ideas are stored and prioritised according to your organisation’s process. Better decisions are made faster through real time updates and at-a-glance understanding of all ideas in the funnel.
kanban board in intuitix with projects in each column
Shows a image of a form template used for projects in intuitix

Control your benefit measurement

Administrative users have full control over project templates, meaning you define what data is recorded for different project types. Project templates are built to reflect your industry benefit measurement framework, ensuring clear communications between the organisation and stakeholders.

Cut out repetitive tasks

Data aggregation is all done inside the application. Gone are the days of transferring numbers between excel sheets! Let automated tables do the work for you.
Shows a user adding information into a project form

Book a 30 min Discovery Call

Intuitix reduces risks, saves time and uncovers insights – communicating project impact & realised benefits to relevant stakeholders. Start the process and book a meeting with us today!

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